Collie is able to integrate with numerous hardware such as uFace, speedface devices to help with the access control of the area

Turnstile will allow the authorized personnel to enter the area once the uFace or Speedface device able to recognize the person. If they are not recognized, they will not be able to enter via the turnstile


To control the movement of the personnels, assigning and unassigning the personnels to respective locations/areas are required.



In this pandemic crisis, ways of authenticating people such as facial recognition would be a more hygienic way since no physical contact is needed, unlike fingerprint authentication.

In this pandemic crisis, we are required to limit our physical contacts. With this, facial recognition devices are the way to go. **



Facial recognition is everywhere. It is found to be more hygienic, affordable and easier to use in a system.


Turnstile gates provide access control by detecting if the person is authorized to enter


Access control is one of the most important aspect in any industries at all. It is a security technique that can be used to appoint certain person with credibility to be able to enter certain areas of the building/office/site.

It also helps in emergencies such as fire alarm etc. 
This is because since the area is controlled, this means that only certain personnel are being able to access the area. Attendance of the personnel such as the check-in and check-out transaction is also recorded. Thus, you will be able to tell which personnel that might still be in the area where the fire broke out.

With access control implemented, it will mitigate malicious activities from happening and also help with managing any emergencies that might occur in an area or building.



uFace or Speedface devices are used on site to mark the attendance of the workers/visitors. The device would be able to recognise who the person is, whether he/she is a registered personnel to be able to enter the area or not.

Assignment/Unassignment of Areas

Users would assign areas to personnels if the personnels are authorized to go into theat area. If the personnel is no longer working there or visit pass expires, users will have to unassign the areas from the personnels