Collie Access Control Management

Access Control Management & Attendance Module featuring Facial Recognition, Turnstile, Self registration


Collie’s Access Control Module includes self registration & access control utilising software to assign location access while using hardware to control movements.

Collie is able to integrate with hardwares such as uFace, speedface devices which provides authentication methods

Turnstile & gates are also provided to control movements in restricted areas by working hand in hand with authentication devices & Collie

Self Registration capabilities ensures a reduced workload for front office staff and reducing queues during peak periods.

Self Registration

The integrated hardwares also provides transactional records which can is utilised by Collie to provided attendance tracking for our clients.

Despite being reknown for an extremely safe country, Singapore reportedly had an average of 580 cases of trespassing with an average of 700 arrest per year for trespassing, from 2013 – 2018. About 30 cases had property damages due to trespassing each year.

Access control is one of the most important aspect in any industries, it provides protection to the companies’ staff and properties while preventing trespassing & unauthorised access to sensitive information. There are several issues with a poorly designed Access Control Management which includes long queues at the front desk, not being able to cope with the pandemic demands & inaccessibility.

Long queue
Collie’s self registration process allows visitors & new staff to conduct a self registration which will be subjected to approval by authorities & assigned to the authorised locations. This reduces the need to queue for registration, saves time & reduces the workload of our client’s staff.

Pandemic Demands
With Covid-19 changing our entire lifestyle, people around the world are becoming much more aware of disease spreading through commonly shared devices such as fingerprint access systems. Collie’s Access Control Devices are capable of multiple authentication method such as card and facial recognition (even with masks on!), allowing no-contact authentication, therefore preventing the spread of diseases.

Our all-in-one Access Control Management System enables our clients to handle all their access control needs easily, from registration to access allocation. As an integrated system, our clients will also be able to track the entry & exit of everyone on site, empowering our users in many ways such as allowing users to investigate criminal actions by figuring out who was present at the point of activity or allowing users to coordinate search & rescue in case of an emergency as the system keeps track of attendance of personnel. Crowd Control to meet building requirement can also be done by ensuring that not more than a certain number of personnel are within a designated area.

With access control implemented, it will mitigate malicious activities from happening and also help with managing any emergencies that might occur in an area or building.