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Video Anlytics Illustration

Video analytics provides real-time processing of video then turns into intelligent data. It automatically generates descriptions of events in the video (metadata) and is used to detect and track people, vehicles, behavior and other objects in the video stream. This information is used to decide whether to notify security personnel or use a higher-quality recording stream. Video analytics transforms simple IP video into business intelligence. The company then can provide a practical solution for identifying relevant incidents to increase security surveillance efficiency and reduce staff workload.

How Video Analytics Software Works

Video Analytics Software uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to monitor, analyse and manage high volumes of video. This technology analyses the video input and converts it into intelligent data, which is then used to help make decisions.

Video analytics software can be pre-installed on your CCTV cameras, NVR, or VMS. Collie is a fully customisable VMS platform that gives you the freedom to choose the infrastructure that is best adapted to your security and surveillance requirements.

Collie Video Analytics Algorithm

Collie, equipped with AI Box integration, is a powerful video analytics solution, providing a variety of algorithms such as:

Algorithm Use Case
Face Recognition
Detect face for access control
Detect Face, Body, Motor Vehicle, and Non-motor Vehicle
Detect Person Crossing the Boarder, Person Intrusion, Person Crossing the boarder-Climbing the Wall, Person Wandering, Vehicle Leave, Non-motor Vehicle Leave, Vehicle Crossing the Boarder, Non-motor Vehicle Crossing the Boarder, Climbing, Vehicle No Parking, Non-motor Vehicle No Parking, Vehicle Intrusion, Non-motor Vehicle Intrusion, and Person Leave
Detect Person Off Duty/On Duty-Off Duty, Person Off Duty/On Duty-Overstaff, Person Off Duty/On Duty Less Staff, Run, Fall, Fight, Smoking, Watching at the phone, Answering the Phone, Person Gathering, Sleep On Duty, and Weapon
Detect Unattended Object, Object Guard, Object Left
People Counting
Detect and Count People entry/exit in one place
Kitchen Hygiene
Detect Mouse, Trash Bin Uncovered, Not Wearing Chef Cloth, Not Wearing Chef Hat, Not Wearing the Mask, Not Wearing the Gloves, and Fire Without Person
Work Safety
Detect People Not Wearing Safety Cap, Not Wearing Work Cloth, Not Wearing Safety Belt, Not Wearing the Mask, Smoke, Flame, Not Wearing the Reflective Vest, Fire Facility, and Liquid Leak
Detect Electrical Scooter in Lift, Throwing from High Building, Garbage Overflow, Garbage Exposure, Smoke, Flame, and Fire Facility

Try Collie Video Analytics solution with various AI algorithms for your company’s needs!

Collie Video Analytics Package

Collie AI Box Device
Software License
UPS for VMS Server
Installation and Setup
Annual Maintenance and Support
Access for 5 Users
Software Training

Collie Video Analytics Package

Collie AI Box Device
Software License
UPS for VMS Server
Installation and Setup
Maintenance and Support
Access for 5 Users
Software Training