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Bayu April 13, 2020 0 Comments

Implementing an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system allows the stakeholders of a premise to record the plate numbers of all vehicles entering or leaving the premise with high precision in real time. This would be very useful for enforcing checks on the vehicles or for analysing the traffic into the premise.

Applicable situations include:

  • Security Monitoring
  • Analytics like Vehicle Fleet Utilisation
  • Smart Solutions
  • Access Control

As an added layer of security, identified number plates can be used to match with data captured with biometric devices to ensure that drivers of vehicles are authorized.


1. Speeding

Vehicle speeding detection is the process of locating and documenting scenarios on public roads, highways, or other public facilities where a vehicle exceeds the permitted speed limit.

Enforcing speed limits, preventing irresponsible driving, and lowering the possibility of accidents and injuries are the primary goals of speeding detection systems, which also aim to improve road safety.

For monitoring and enforcement purposes, these systems may be used by private organizations, transportation authorities, and law enforcement agencies.

Collie has Speeding Detection to record vehicle speed with other details like vehicle capture, plate number and alert time

Collie Speeding Detection
Collie Speeding

2. Vehicle Transaction

Vehicle transaction details are like a logbook that keeps track of when vehicles come in and out of places like factories or secure housing areas.

This log includes basic information such as the time a vehicle enters or leaves, its license plate number, and the registered/not registered vehicle status.

This helps security staff monitor who’s coming and going, ensuring safety and keeping track of any unusual activity.

Vehicle Transaction

3. Vehicle Details

By harnessing AI algorithms, Collie can enhance vehicle transaction records to include additional details such as the brand, model, and color of each vehicle.

Vehicle details

We offer customized CCTV, Beacon, and NFC integrated into the system. Contact us if you are interested in our product and solution.

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