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Rizal October 4, 2023 0 Comments

During a graduation ceremony, it can be challenging for the announcer to correctly pronounce the names of graduates, especially if they have diverse or uncommon names. Mispronouncing names can cause embarrassment and discomfort for the graduates and their families in attendance, which detracts from the ceremony’s overall experience.

The Name Reader and Display Systems from Collie offer the convenience of playback recorded audio files and displaying individuals’ names, courses, and special awards (if any) on a coloured banner. The banner has a green screen which can be used as a chroma key to overlay a video feed. Here are some of its outstanding features: 

• Name database using CSV file (easily modified with excel)

• Customizable name banner for different schools

• Chroma key background to overlay name banner on video feed

• Supports wave audio playback with configurable text delay

• Alphanumeric ID entry (via keyboard entry or barcode scan)

• Queue management system (reorder & deletion of queued entries)

• Single PC operation mode and remote ID entry over network connection

• Backup failover system

Operating Modes

Server standalone mode (with 1x server)

Client‐Server mode (1x Server + 1x Client)

Client‐Server high‐availability (HA) mode (2x Server + 2x Client)