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Collie Use Case in Industrial Sites
Rizal November 14, 2022 0 Comments

Industrial sites often consists of expensive equipments & materials, often covering a vast area and thousands of different people on site every hour, it is extremely difficult for a system to cope with monitoring the entire site.


Self Registration, ALPR & Access Control can be utilised by Industrial sites for remote registration & access.

Industrial sites such as plants & construction sites have new contractors & workers coming in everyday for maintenance or construction. These new visitors can receive a QR code from the PICs to conduct self registration with their basic information, selfies & Vehicle registration numbers. Once approved by PICs and assigned to their designated work sites, these visitors can gain access through the access control devices.

ALPR can also recognise their vehicle plate and configured to provide access to sites. Deployed at sensitive areas, access area or external areas, the ALPRs can provide blacklisted or unrecognised vehicle plates alerts, allowing security teams to take precaution against unwanted visitors

Personal data such as the selfie used for facial recognition, can be removed from the system’s storage base on user requirements, such as at the end of the day, or immediately after exits, in order to adhere to PDPA standards


Access Control Devices can be utilised by staff to access designated areas. Their entry & exit of site can also be utilised for attendance purposes. New staff are also able to conduct self registration once they receive the QR code from the PICs.

AI Video Analytics

AI Video Analytics can provide enhanced security to sites and provide safety alerts for staff.

Our AI Video Analytics includes stranger alerts & intrusion detection. By placing the cameras strategically in area of interests such as entry points or expensive equipment storage area, a small security team can keep the industrial site monitored regardless of how large to industrial/construction site is. Intrusion & stranger within the monitored area will trigger an instant alert, allowing security members to deal with any potential threats.

Collie’s AI VIdeo Analytics also includes a PPE detection capabilities whereby the lack of appropriate PPE such as helmets within work site, will cause an alert to designated personnel, allowing for rectification to happen before anything harmful can occur.


Beacons can be attached to equipments such as power tools & helmets to keep track of assets around the work sites.

Atmospheric beacons can also be used to monitor conditions of a specific area, providing logs & alerts when necessary.

Electronic Display Labels

Collie’s EDL can be applied to construction vehicles & act as an announcement/notice board around an industrial/construction sites.

EDL can be placed on vehicles for regular updates regarding maintenance & vehicle operators details.

Daily announcement/notices can be remotely uploaded to EDLs around the site as well, saving time & effort required to physically update the announcement & notice boards

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (IAQM)

IAQM devices can be placed around temporary offices or industrial area with volatile gases. IAQM can measure the air quality and configured to send alerts through Collie when a specific particle is not without the threshold limits.

Solar Energy Systems

Power sources at construction sites are rare & costly, especially when it’s for temporary use.

Collie’s Solar Energy Systems can be deployed to power electrical devices such as cameras and streetlights. Equipped with Solar Panel monitoring, PICs can check for details such as electrical load, charging & battery percentage so that alternatives can be deployed in cases of no sunlights.