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Collie Attendance Module
Rizal April 17, 2024 0 Comments

Keeping track of personnel attendance is important to manage your workforce effectively. Conventional methods like paper time sheets are error-prone and it doesn’t provide comprehensive data insights. The attendance module from Collie allows you to automate attendance tracking, generate reports and improve the overall efficiency of the business.

Collie’s Attendance Module is an important upgrade in employee attendance management, offering automation with a user-friendly interface. With its integration in some devices like ZKTeco Eface10, you can  use facial recognition technology in your office, school, and companies to clock in securely with facial recognition technology.


The Attendance module has a number of important features that are required by a large number of companies and public buildings, such as:

1. Real-time Dashboard

Collie attendance dashboard

Collie attendance dashboard provides real-time visibility into personnel activity (Total IN, on site, and Alert). 


– Total IN: Displays the number of personnel who enter the location by passing the attendance device
– On-site: Displays the current number of personals who are still at the location
Face Alert: Displays the number of face alerts from the stranger detection feature

2. Attendance Transaction

transaction details

The attendance transaction shows a list of employees and their attendance details for a specific date. Each employee record list transaction history with name of personnel, status (IN or OUT), timestamp, mask and temperature detection

3. Export Transaction Reports

Collie Attendance tracks clock-ins and outs, but it does more! Get insights into your team’s work patterns with two easy report types:

Breakdown of Manpower Reports

breakdown transaction report

See individual employee details like daily work hours, check  in and out, and personnel type. This helps you understand work habits and identify areas for improvement.

Summarized Manpower Reports

Get a quick overview of your entire team for a specific period. Track total work hours, absenteeism, overtime trends, and late arrivals/departures. This helps you make adjustments to scheduling and staffing if needed

Users are provided with the option to export transaction report menu with 2 file types; PDF and XLSX. You can also set the required report date range.