Rizal November 14, 2022 0 Comments

Office Buildings can have up to hundreds of visitors a day. Utilising Self Registration, ALPR & Access Control, we are able to reduce physical interactions as much as possible while automating & streamlining the visitation process.

Visitors are able to receive a QR code generated through Collie, conduct a self registration with basic personal details, a selfie & even car plate number if driving. The person in charge will be able to approve registration & assign area access to their visitors. Collie can be integrated with barrier controls and along with our ALPR solution, provide access for visitors to areas such as carparks. The visitors will then be able to head to their designated areas through facial recognition by the access control devices.

Personal data such as the selfie used for facial recognition, can be removed from the system’s storage base on user requirements, such as at the end of the day, or immediately after exits, in order to adhere to PDPA standards


Office staff can also benefit from Collie through the ALPR, Acess Control Systems & Attendance systems. Staff will be able to conduct self registration into Collie, which can be approved by managers. The office staff will then, be able to access carpark through the ALPR system & office area using just their face. The Access Control System can also capture the office staff’s in & outs for attendance purposes.

AI Video Analytics & Beacons

Applying AI Video Analytics(VA) can provide enhanced security & assist users in maximising office space.

Our AI Video Analytics includes stranger alerts & intrusion detection. By placing the cameras strategically in area of interests such as server rooms or R&D rooms, a small security team can keep the office building under surveillance regardless of building size and react to strangers in the building or intrusions quickly through Collie’s Alert.

The VA systems also provides capabilities such as crowd detection & people count. Crowd detection alerts can help the management team coordinate dispersal to reduce a chance of virus spread while people count coupled with beacons & access control system, can give Management staff an overview of the office space usage, allowing for changes to maximise the use of office space. All while assisting our users in making the best decisions to comply with new building requirements.

Air Quality Monitoring System

Air Quality Monitoring devices can be placed around the office to monitor the air quality, allowing our users to comply with building standards while saving costs. Threshold settings can be set to provide alerts so that actions can be taken. For example, when a certain air particle is too high, it can trigger an alert for management to turn on the purifying systems or integrate the system with collie for automated triggering. Electricity draining devices such as air conditioning can also be programmed to increase or decrease temperature based on the Air Quality Monitoring devices data, therefore allowing for air conditioning to remain at a cost-friendly level.