People Counting

People Counting
Bayu February 7, 2024 0 Comments

What is People Counting?

People counting is just keeping track of how many people are in a place. It’s useful for different things like figuring out how many folks are coming and going from an area, or seeing if there’s a line forming.

This info is super important for a bunch of reasons. Architects, for example, need accurate counts to plan buildings better. And it’s also handy for safety stuff, like making sure places don’t get too crowded.

Collie’s People Counting Technology

Collie uses special sensors that detect body temperature to count people accurately. These sensors are set up at entry and exit points to get the best count.

But how does the system count people? Collie uses smart AI that works like human eyes. It can work with any existing cameras and can be set up on-site, remotely, or in the cloud.

Learning from People Counting

Counting people isn’t just about numbers—it helps understand how customers behave too. By looking at things like how many people come in, how often, and where they go, businesses can make better decisions.

Understanding Visitors

The whole point of counting people is to learn from it. Businesses like stores or event planners use this info to see how customers act in real-time and make improvements accordingly.

Where Can We Use People Counting?

Collie’s system can be used in lots of places like train stations, airports, shops, and highways. Each place needs people counting for different reasons, but it’s always helpful for keeping track of things.