What is Collie? - Iot and Sensor Solution

What is Collie?

Collie is an Access Control Management and System. It is a system integrated with multiple solutions to provide a wide coverage of access control management. Collie is integrated with access control devices such as biometric devices & gantries to control along with tracking the ins & outs within an environment.

Collie is also integrated with AI capabilities for Video Analytic purposes. The AI capabilities are including:

  1. Facial Recognition
    Module includes self registration & access control utilising software to assign location access while using hardware to control movements.
  2. Crowd Detection
    Using AI technology and collie, we can also detect crowd in our area and easily monitor it.
  3. Intrusion Detection
    Intrusion detection capabilities allows our client to designate region of interests around their sensitive areas
  4. No-Helmet Detection
    Detection of workers wearing the safety helmet as required using AI video analytics.

Not only are humans recognised, Collie also have asset tracking and vehicle recognition integrated. Take control of assets and keep track of them in real-time with Beacons and track the data in Collie cloud-based system that is accessible from desktop or mobile


Moreover, vehicle recognition provides our users with information of the vehicle such as car plate number, transaction details, vehicle model & colours.

Additional features such as air quality and solar energy monitoring are also built into Collie in order to provide & monitor indoor air quality level and power sources for outdoor application of Collie devices.