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Automatic License Plate Recognition System

ALPR Illustration

Automatic License Plate Recognition is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates.
Collie’s ALPR empowers our clients to track vehicles coming in & out of their properties, providing them information such as vehicle models, colour, plate numbers & the date, time & location of transactions.

With the rising cost & scarcity of security officers, it has become difficult for property owners to retain existing officers or to hire new ones just to keep track of vehicular transactions.

ALPR is extremely important to ensure that vehicles entering & exiting the properties are tracked. However, just tracking the vehicle transaction is not sufficient to keep the properties safe. Collie’s ALPR provides further features such as black/white list functionalities, registration & records.

Black/Whitelist functions
The black/whitelist functions in collie allows our clients to receive alerts when a blacklisted vehicle arrives at the property, allowing them to take necessary precautions

Vehicle Registrations
Our clients will be able to register authorised vehicles so that they will be able to control the access of vehicles into their properties, allowing them to ensure that only authorised vehicles can access their properties.

Workspace/Vehicle History

Collie keeps a log of check in and check out of the vehicles and the drivers of the vehicles, allowing clients to conduct multiple activities such as analysis & investigations”


In Collie, we integrated Vaxtor’s ALPR System to recognize the vehicle plate numbers that enters our customer’s site. It was used to track vehicle’s in and out timing if unfortunate events were to happen.

License Plate Reg

License Plate Registration was implemented in Collie as our customer requires tight secuity in their site. Only those vehicles that were registered in advance would be able to enter the site.

Workspace/Vehicle History

Users using the Collie system would use this feature to view the check-in and check-out transactions of the vehicles coming on site.