Beacon for Tracking and Monitoring

Beacon Solution

Beacon is an IoT tool that uses a bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption. Beacons are sensors with various capabilities which can be used for monitoring purposes

With new building requirements coming into play along with digitisation, beacon technology can be utilised to cope with these demands.

Beacons can be utilised to track data such as:
– Atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity
– Location tracking
– Attendance tracking
– Asset Monitoring
– Access Tracking

Integrating with these beacons, we are able to assist our client with data collection, representation which can be used for compliances or data analytics.

Beacon Technology can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios, below are a few use case incorporating beacons:

Expensive & sensitive assets exists in every level of any hospitals. Sticker beacons can be placed on these product to track their whereabouts within the hospital. When a gateway detects these beacon, the information will be fed to our system, providing a log of the event, allowing our users to conduct asset monitoring.

Hotel management needs to receive updates of their staff whereabout in order to improve turnover rates & provide optimal customer services. With a Mifare/beacon given to each staff, Managers will be able to tell where each staff is at, based on the updates from the beacon gateways.

A Construction site is filled with sensitive & expensive equipment & is often at a scale which is difficult to track every details, from asset monitoring to atmospheric monitoring & Staff attendance along with staff/visitor location tracking. With beacon & gateways along with our system, we are able to keep track of all the logs, which can be used for data analytics, statistics reports or even investigations.