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OBJECTIVE: The objective of this project is to design and develop a portable, non-contact, non-destructive imaging-based scanning device that assists inspectors in identifying water seepage areas as well as improving the traceability of inspection records. INNOVATION: 1Multi-spectral

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  Improves Efficiency & Productivity   Real-time monitoring of project activities and schedules, enabling errors/risks to be quickly identified.  Leading to more efficient remedies. With enhanced clarity, construction processes can be optimized and made leaner.   Improves

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Work Site Safe Distance at Construction Industries with Social Distancing Wristband. Prevent the spread of viruses in the workplace. Tracking Keep tracking the records of distancing between workers wearing the Bluetooth Wristband.Detect the nearby object within 1

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Take control of assets and keep track of them in real-time with Beacons and track the data in Collie cloud-based system that is accessible from desktop or mobile Beacons 1. Cost-effective means of tracking of workers around

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server-based real-time localization of cleaning vehicles and personnel location overview including status information and movement history. AT A GLANCEserver-based real-time localization of cleaning vehicles and personnellocation overview including status information and movement history PROBLEM DEFINITION Tunnels are