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Collie No Helmet Detection

In large factories and workplaces, prioritizing safety is a must. Helmets play a crucial role in ensuring workers’ safety, particularly in areas with higher risks. That’s why Collie offers a solution called No Helmet Detection, aimed at ensuring everyone wears their helmets.

This innovative solution utilizes CCTV cameras equipped with AI Video Analytics to identify individuals not wearing helmets. Once detected, an indicator is displayed in our user-friendly web-based app, allowing managers to take immediate action. Additionally, the system can generate detailed reports on compliance trends and areas of improvement.

By harnessing the power of AI Video Analytics, Collie’s No Helmet Detection goes beyond traditional methods, providing comprehensive coverage of the entire work site. This proactive approach not only helps prevent accidents but also saves costs associated with injuries and insurance claims.

With Collie’s No Helmet Detection Software, factories gain access to vital information, including alerts and statistics, empowering them to maintain a safe working environment for all employees. Moreover, the system promotes safety culture by reinforcing the importance of wearing helmets and adhering to safety protocols.