Software Developer

Software Developer

Magicsoft Asia Systems Pte Ltd – Singapore

Impress us with your work, not just your talk!

As a Person:

  1. You should Be able to communicate well with people.
  2. Feel comfortable to work in a team or independently.
  3. Be creative and have a passion to learn more.
  4. Build your career with us, not just work for us.

As a Technical Person:

You should have Strong logical thinking/Strong IT skillset /Ability to analyze and design with suitable tools /Ability to do Coding.


Strong communication skills/ Experience and Familiar with IT industry/Minimum >2yrs of relevant experience

Interested candidate, please try the following question.

You may send in your solution and resume to

1Create a simple application of your choice using C# .NET with concern of OO design patterns (where applicable) for code reusability and ease of maintenance.
2Tell us why you choose to design and code in such way in simple, understandable language.

Important Notes: Cut & Paste solutions or answers are NOT welcomed.