Collie AI Solution

Collie AI Solutions


Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, Collie harnesses the capabilities of AI to automate processes, freeing up resources for our clients.
Collie’s AI Video Analytics features includes:
– Facial Recognition
– ANPR Camera
– People Count
– Crowd Detection
– Intrusion Detection
– No Helmet Detection

As society progresses as a whole, coupled with ever growing need for security, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain manpower for security means.

By equipping our clients with AI capabilities, we are able to assist our clients in protecting their facilities while reducing costs & removing human error at the same time.

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition has become widely reknown especially during these difficult time of the pandemic. Facial Recognition devices can be implemented anywhere which requires access control, providing remote biometric access control.

ALPR Camera
ALPR is a high-speed camera system that are able to capture the vehicle plate number The ALPR cameras used are highly accurate and provides features such as Black/White list functionality. Information such as carplate origin, vehicle model & colours are also recognised by the ALPR Camera. ALPR can be placed to monitor vehicular activities in places such as drop-off points, carparks and roads around sensitive facilities.

People Count
People count has also become extremely important due to the pandemic & upcoming building requirements. People counting capabilities can be utilised to restrict the number of people in a room or area, in order to prevent a potential spread of virus. People count can also be used to meet building requirements for our clients.

Crowd Detection
COVID-19 has become a global pandemic since 2020, and right now, we don’t have any choice but to adapt. Having a project , office, or any business that included so many people on site can be dangerous and the high risk of spreading COVID-19 can’t be denied. Using AI technology and collie, we can also detect crowd in our area and easily monitor it.

Intrusion Detection
One of the purpose of implementing AI technology in Camera & surveilance camera is to provide higher level security. Intrusion detection capabilities allows our client to designate region of interests around their sensitive areas. Any trespassing of the region of interest will send an immediate & automated alert to the relevant parties for actions to be taken.

No Helmet Detection
Harnessing the ability of AI Video Analytics to consistently monitor a work site, our clients are able to capture minute details such as missing PPEs which could be missed easily by exhausted staff. Collie provides a one-stop solution for all the essential data, alerts & statistics to prevent work accidents.