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Solar Panel Monitoring System

Solar panels use sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. Our solar panels can be integrated into collies and various other IoT devices such as beacon gateways

As Government around the world are striving to achieve 0 carbon emissions, the greenmark label has become extremely valuable whereby companies & buildings stand to profit from green energy, Hence leading to a rise of Solar Energy Systems which in turns, creates the need to monitor these systems.

Solar Energy system provides versatility when it comes to deployment of electronic devices at areas such as construction sites where electrical sources are scarce and cable laying are extremely costly and wasteful. Deployment of Solar Panels paired with a battery allow for a relatively consistent power source for electrical devices.

As our system tracks the Solar Energy Systems’ health, battery status & other data such as load, we are able to provide data analytics for clients, configure alerts for low battery status so that actions can be taken, all while providing a clean & green solution.