Bayu January 6, 2020 0 Comments

A tracking solution helps to guarantee the freedom of movement and the safety of dementia patients while reducing the workload of nursing staff.


  • registration of resident elopement
  • notification to nursing staff


Many people suffering from dementia are accommodated in care facilities. Against the background of omnipresent problems such as the skills shortage and the increasing need for nursing care, caring for those affected is a major challenge for the often overburdened staff. In the context of orientation difficulties, the majority of dementia patients have the tendency to wander off. If a resident leaves the facility unnoticed, this may lead to dangerous situations in road traffic and long search operations.



In order to increase the safety of residents with orientation disorders and to relieve the nursing staff, the location of persons in need of protection is determined in strategically relevant areas. The system registers when a person with dementia leaves the nursing facility and automatically triggers a notification to nursing personnel. The resident can then be accompanied by an employee or prevented from leaving the area.