Bayu January 6, 2020 0 Comments

A tracking solution with MyIoT ensures the proper condition of hospital beds, facilitates the work of hospital staff and enables a smooth process flow.

  • server-based positioning of hospital beds
  • relevant information on E-Ink display


The management of hospital beds is a challenging task. Especially in large clinics, the localization and disposition of beds can get difficult. Furthermore, the working day in hospitals is oftentimes rather hectic. In such a busy environment, important tasks can easily be overlooked or forgotten. This can have serious consequences. For example, a bed that has not been cleaned at the prescribed time results in a significantly increased infection risk for patients. Also, being late to a patient appointment or missing it disturbs the process flow and causes costs.


By implementing a tracking solution with MyIoT, the position and important information concerning the hospital beds are accessible at all times.

The location of hospital beds can be determined reliably and is shown on a digital map. This enables fast retrieval and efficient disposition of beds.

In addition, an MyIoT attached to the bed shows useful information like the set bed position and the next date for cleaning or maintenance. Especially for patients in risky conditions or such with infectious diseases, these details are vital. By cleaning the beds at the right time and frequency, health risks can be reduced and recontaminations can be prevented. Furthermore, the punctual and regular maintenance of beds minimizes serious damages to the bed and consequential downtime.

The MyIoT can also be used to show patient related information like the time and place of the patient’s next appointment. The data will be updated when changes are made, even if they are at short notice. Thus, the nurse receives all the latest information at a glance and can take the patient to his next appointment on time.