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iBS03TP Waterproof Sensor Beacon

iBS03TP is an IP67 waterproof BLE beacon with main unit temperature sensor and probe temperature sensor. The BLE is a very low power 2.4G radio that can transmit the beacon information efficiently. The typical beacon battery life is 3.2 year in default settings.

iBS03TP is a rugged design for working in tough condition. The probe temperature sensor is 2M long and it is suitable to be used in a RF shielded location(ex:refrigerator,freezer) or monitor temperature in 2 different locations.



1ARM Cortex -M3 32-bit processor
2Support BLE 4.2 and BLE 5 long range
3IP67 waterproof
42M of drop protection
5Powered with 1XCR2450 battery
6Long battery life: close to 3.2 years in typical beacon
7Android APP for configuration
8Power on/off switch(internal)
9Main unit Size: 43mmx43mmx14.8mm
10Probe size: Cable length 2M, Probe sensor
11Main unit Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C
12Probe Operating temperature: -50°C to 150°C
13Certificate:FCC/IC/TELEC /CE(pending).


1Main unit temperature sensor for environment
2Probe temperature sensor for environment


12.4GHz frequency band
2Maximum transmit power +5dB
3Receiver sensitivity: -97 dBm @1Mbps, 0.1% BER
4On board PCB antenna
5100M range in open space

Temperature sensor position


  • Storage room temperature monitoring
  • Refrigerator temperature monitoring
  • Freezer temperature monitoring
  • Factory temperature monitoring
  • Sensor network
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical

Block Diagram

Typical Usage

Beacon is always broadcasting message including status and sensor data. User can use APP to receive the message. We also have the beacon gateway iGS01S(WiFi) or iGS02E(Ethernet) can be used as a receiver.

Use iGS01S or iGS02E beacon gateway to receive the beacon message and send to cloud server. User can access and manage the data anytime anywhere.