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Cabling Services

Here are the cabling services we provide, including Network Cabling for housing estates (HDB, Condominium, Private)

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling forms the basis of all data, voice and video communication in every organization. Therefore, it is vey important to install the cabling to ensure a future-proof and robust communication infrastructure. We work closely with various vendors to ensure customers get what they need using trained technicians and latest equipment to certify the cabling system.

Telephone Cabling

We provide telephone cabling suited to various customers’ requirements.

Fiber Optic Cabling

UTP Cables – Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6 Fiber Optic Cabling forms the basis of backbone cabling bridging the networks between each floor and building. Our experience range from installing short length of 100 meters multimode fiber cable to thousands of meters of singlemode fiber cable. Our services in this area includes direct termination, fusion splicing, closure installation in manholes, cable laying, fiber/cable blowing, power meter and OTDR tesing.

Wireless Access Point System

This is the placement of a wireless AP at the optimum locations with a premise. This would involve a radio frequency test to determine the number of access points needed and the optimum locations to mount them in order to attain a full coverage of the premise as well as good performance.

Cable Support Systems

We will install the necessary cable support system as what is required on site or by the customer. The support system will be designed in accordance to the amount of cabling to be installed as well as catering to future additional cabling. We will also prove a smooth transition from the main tray or trunking via conduits to the location needed in a neat and tidy manner.

Additional & Alteration Works

No network in the world would remain the same forever. The only constant is change. We can offer ourselves as your regular maintenance team that understands your network structure and operational procedures so as to perform our works with minimum disruption and offering lower rates from other companies.

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