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  Automatic temperature measurement and disinfection. Effectively avoid cross-infection. Align the temperature probe with the palm of your hand, which is the liquid outlet, which can detect the temperature and automatically sterilize the liquid, without touching

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Stadium Control Management System is an application that aims not only for tracking the spectators, managing the stadium, but also in securing, comforting, and preventing the spread of a pandemic at the present time. Having a proper

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Work Site Safe Distance at Construction Industries with Social Distancing Wristband. Prevent the spread of viruses in the workplace.   Tracking Keep tracking the records of distancing between workers wearing the Bluetooth Wristband. Detect the nearby object

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Touchless Biometric Solution Powerful surveillance tech that identities users with surgical masks and checks their body temperature quickly 3 Features of New Biometric Technologies for Access Point Security Temperature Check for Users Facial Recognition for Masked Persons

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Safe Management Monitoring Solutions, Avoid covid 19 transmission by using IoT Technology Safe Dormitory   Room conditions, temperatures, no. of people, etc. Check if temperature and moisture change   Check if bed being occupied Detect crowd concentration

Rizal June 4, 2020 0 Comments K3 Handsfree Non-contact Forehead Body Infrared Thermometer   Non-contact, no need to handheld, avoid cross-infection. High-Temperature Alarm, Abnormal automatic alarm: flashing +“Di Di” sound and Warning of light. Operation Instruction Temperature measurement: Front of the thermometer

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