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Rizal June 23, 2020 0 Comments

Work Site Safe Distance at Construction Industries with Social Distancing Wristband. Prevent the spread of viruses in the workplace.



  • Keep tracking the records of distancing between workers wearing the Bluetooth Wristband.
  • Detect the nearby object within 1 – 2 m




Social Distancing / Vibration alert

Notifying workers if they come too close to a defined distance by a vibrating alert, to reduce infection risk in working places.




Social Distancing Measures

Helping authorities to implement the Social Distancing policy. A leaving from the location would be warning by vibration and data would be reported to authorities instantly.

Specification of Social Distancing Wristband

Items Value
Model B8
Working Temperature -20°C-60°C
Length 26cm
Charging Time 2H
Input Voltage DC 5V
Built-in Sensor ACC
Material Main Body: ABS +PC; Strap: TPU
Waterproof Rate IP67
Weight 24.5kg
Color Default Black, other colors can be customized
Data Storage 20,000 contact record
Packing List Wristband, User Guide.

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