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Planning IoT Implementation for Creating Safe Zone
Rizal August 8, 2023 0 Comments

Beacons can be used to establish safe zones within a workplace by leveraging proximity-based communication capabilities. By strategically placing beacons throughout a workplace and using compatible software or applications, you can create a system to ensure safety within specific zones. 

Consider workplaces such as coal mines, diamond mines, and petroleum operations where the workers face dangerous situations, advanced precautionary measures and proactive remedies are hugely needed to prevent worst-case outcomes. Therefore, it’s important to adopt intelligent solutions, harnessing BLE/Beacons technology within work environments to ensure health and safety standards on both on-site factory and remote work sites.

What does the term “Beacon” refer to?

A beacon, characterized by its minimal energy consumption, houses a low-frequency chip that transmits and receives signals. In response, it triggers programmed content on devices within its signal range. This technology employs Bluetooth 5.0 BLE and boasts an effective radius of up to 100 meters. Beacons come in diverse forms and sizes, and they can be personalized to suit specific needs. Beacons serve as both indoor and outdoor positioning and transmission systems. They act as repositories of relevant information, triggering transmitters to disseminate this information to nearby or in-range beacon-enabled and compatible devices then come into a server for showing the data.

In the industrial sector, beacon sensors have proven great use cases significantly enhancing workplace safety through their innovative and reliable functionalities.

Beacon Superiority over Indoor Location Tracking Technologies

Regular geofencing technology usually has accuracy limits. Beacons overcome this by greatly improving location precision. BLE/Beacon devices excel in pinpointing spots more precisely indoors, unlike GPS, cell towers, or Wi-Fi. Beacons can be placed smartly for nearby info sharing and the range can grow by adding more devices. Once set up, these devices last long with low battery use.

Wearables for Remote Workers in Hazardous Zones

Taking advantage of wearable technology, beacons can be attached to other IoT sensors on wearable gear. This complete solution can be customized for emergencies, aiding workers’ location tracking in tough places like tunnels, mines, and similar settings.

Asset Tracking Solution

Beacon devices’ smart design easily fits asset-tracking solutions. Unlike regular RFID, BLE/beacon devices remove the need for physical scanning. Moreover, it can also be utilized for tracking the place of your valuable assets in a warehouse or other place for preventive action of missing equipment, helping you save not just cost but time as well.

Predictive Maintenance for Machine Failures

Beacons help gather precise data for insightful analysis. They can stick on fixed spots or move things like forklifts. With beacons, alerts warn of risky machine movements that might lead to accidental events. The main goal is to forewarn workers about potential dangers of moving machinery. They also watch indoor conditions using sensors, giving workers peace. Data analysis prevents issues by scheduling maintenance. In another case, a beacon is also useful to monitor environmental conditions through a range of sensors.

This comprehensive approach grants employees a safe zone during their work activities. Analyzing the collected data enables comprehensive measures, raising awareness, and scheduling periodic maintenance for indoor equipment, thereby averting potential mishaps.

How Collie Helps in Preventing Accidents and Hazards in Industry

Collie is a strong platform that reduces accidents in industries using beacons. By adding beacons, Collie boosts safety in workplaces. These devices prevent issues by giving real-time insights with a dedicated cloud platform. The integrated beacon enables the seamless tracking of employees and assets through wearable beacons and regular beacons, feeding essential data into a Collie cloud-based system that is accessible from desktop or mobile. This proactive tracking not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents by ensuring that personnel are safely navigating their work environments.

Furthermore, Collie also integrates beacons that go beyond just tracking. It empowers industries to monitor for predictive maintenance, thanks to flood sensor and temperature sensor beacons. This comprehensive monitoring approach aids in identifying potential hazards, allowing timely interventions, and preventing accidents before they occur. With Collie, businesses are equipped to mitigate accidents and hazards which ultimately lead to safe zones throughout the industrial landscape. See more for some beacon use cases and integration with Collie.

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