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Waterproof Flood Sensor 3
Rizal September 4, 2023 0 Comments

Waterproof Flood Sensor 3 has IPx7 waterproof BLE beacon with flood sensor. The BLE is a very low power 2.4G radio that can transmit the beacon information efficiently. It supports Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) in Bluetooth 5. The typical beacon battery life is over 7 years in default settings. The flood sensor is 1M long and it is suitable to detect liquid leak or flood in the bathroom, kitchen, or industry.


Flood Detection

Pipe/Liquid Leakage

Liquid Height Detection (above or below a certain level)



● ARM Cortex – M3 32-bit processor
● Support BLE 4.2 and BLE 5 long range
● IPx7 waterproof
● 2M of drop protection
● Powered with 1XCR2450 battery
● Long battery life: over 7 year in typical beacon setting(30s)
● Android APP for configuration
● Power on/off switch(internal)
● Main unit Size: 43mmx43mmx14.8mm
● Probe size: Cable length 1M; Sensor head: 40mmx37mm x14mm
● Operating temperature: -20°C to 75°C


● Flood/liquid leak sensor


● 2.4GHz frequency band
● Maximum transmit power +5dB
● Receiver sensitivity: -97 dBm @1Mbps, 0.1% BER
● On board PCB antenna
● >100M range in open space


● Bluetooth