Rizal July 15, 2020 0 Comments

The Housing & Development Board with Internet of Things

With sensors integrated into the system, making asset management easier, monitoring in real-time, and safe.


1.Cleaners and equipment can be tracked to know their whereabouts at all times
2.Detect crowd concentration or count people using toilets or other facilities.
3.Cleaning and inspection records can be updated using NFC and checked online. Systems will also trigger alert as well.
4.Safety equipment is tracked to ensure they are always at their location e.g. fire extinguisher, AED, etc.
5.Beacons with proximity sensors to detect if people are nearby restricted areas.
6.Beacons with hall sensors to detect if emergency exits have been opened.
7.Feedback on toilet/area cleanliness by the public can help to improve cleaning schedules using AI.