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Social Distancing Wristband
Rizal June 23, 2020 0 Comments


 - Bluetooth 5.0 / Low power consumption.
 - FDA & CE certification.
 - Supports Antiepidemic functions.

 The Electronic wristband supports the realization of the
 following scenarios on epidemic prevention:

Epidemic prevention with Social Distancing Wristband

Contact Tracing

Recording tracing data of people wearing the Bluetooth    wristband, with the ID data uploaded (privacy secured).

Contact Tracing



Tracks of quarantined people or patients could be surveilled to know their real-time locations, being used to intervene virus spread.

Tracking of patiens


Social Distancing / Vibration Alert

Notifying people if they come too close to a defined distance by a vibrating alert, to reduce infection risk in public or working places.



Quarantine Measure

Helping authorities to implement the quarantine policy. A leaving from quarantine location would be warning by vibration and data would be reported to authorities instantly.

Implement the quarantine policy


The Wristband Is Potentially Applied In:

  • Hospitals and Nursing Home
  • Institution
  • Business Entities
  • Schools
  • Stadiums
  • Construction Industries




B8 – Social Distancing Wristband

Items Value
Model B8
Working Temperature -20°C-60°C
Length 26cm
Charging Time 2H
Input Voltage DC 5V
Built-in Sensor ACC
Material Main Body: ABS +PC; Strap: TPU
Waterproof Rate IP67
Weight 24.5kg
Color Default Black, other colors can be customized
Data Storage 20,000 contact record
Packing List Wristband, User Guide.

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