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iBS05G iBS05G beacon from INGICS Technology that can be used for various motion decetion. WaterproofSuitable for harsh environment use Low power1.8 years of battery life Small SizeEasy to install Accelerometer SensorFor asset moving/still detection application Applications Motion

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B8 social distancing wristband beacon for business entities to ensure the safery of their workforce Making the World A Safe Place   Bluetooth 5.0 and IP67 Waterproof Proximity Alarm Rechargeable Battery 20,000 Contact Record Storage   How

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Work Site Safe Distance at Construction Industries with Social Distancing Wristband. Prevent the spread of viruses in the workplace.   Tracking Keep tracking the records of distancing between workers wearing the Bluetooth Wristband. Detect the nearby object

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  Features  - Bluetooth 5.0 / Low power consumption. - FDA & CE certification. - Supports Antiepidemic functions.  The Electronic wristband supports the realization of the following scenarios on epidemic prevention: Epidemic prevention with Social Distancing Wristband Contact Tracing Recording

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A tracking solution helps to guarantee the freedom of movement and the safety of dementia patients while reducing the workload of nursing staff. AT A GLANCE registration of resident elopement notification to nursing staff PROBLEM DEFINITION Many